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formal apologies to mrs. bogacz my 8th grade english teacher, you were right, cyberbullying is an epidemic

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me waiting for loni to come back so that we can have that Good Banter:

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A selfie because I can

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Every day i search 'dumb bitch' to see if im finally one of those lucky few and every day simon proves they're better than me

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hail king simon, dumbest bitch in the land. may his ass grow ever thiccer.

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all u have to do to show up is to have dumb bitch in ur bio

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it is for this reason u truely earn the title of dumb bitch

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but not knowing how to be a dumb bitch makes you the dumb bitch queen. all hail plum the dumb bitch queen

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hey plum I've been wondering

how did u think ppl showed up in the dumb bitch search

did u think that thell just made a list of watefall users and ranked them by dumb bitch levels

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I thought that maybe if I tagged enough posts as dumb bitch then the algorithm would see the error of its ways

@greatkingrat please accept this humble offering of a cake I have baked for you. remember me as you feast upon it.

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i go to take a nap for one whole hour and loni almost gets herself arrested

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Neither of y'all can be left alone for any length of time honestly

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loni the rat king knows. we have to make alliances

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consider your allegiances carefully rodent

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It's how little plums grow up strong and healthy

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please tell me what this is in reference to PLEASE

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stopped that post halfway because i got that notification and i WILL be panicking

me waking up and seeing @archfey 's stream of consciousness posts

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I had already sorta revealed my face but uwu here it is

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yeehaw it’s selfie time

heres one from pride cause I like how I look in it

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My Face

Hopping the bandwagon. Once my hair doesn’t look terrible if I can get a pic that shows off the color a bit I’ll post that one.

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🍑 just peachy 🍑 !!!! aka me pretending i'm cute 😂

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i'm so sorry for showing these again iubwsekfn i look like garbo today bc of work and apparently it's SELFIE DAY so

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Why is it selfie day on laundry day when I also have second-day hair??? (Still posting a selfie anyways, lmao.)

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pour one out for this blouse i got that is mad cute but ended up too big eventually