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i don't know what show my roommate is watching but i just heard the line "i wanna do something stupid" followed by the other person saying "you wanna do something stupid then do me" and honestly that's me

the popping up of sites like waterfall and pillowfort in response to all of tumblr's myriad of faults is the modern day equivalent to martin luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of wittenberg castle church and starting the protestant reformation

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important survey:

  1. are you a vanilla coke gay or a cherry coke gay
  2. are you a top or a bottom

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me after one (1) glass of water: i am refreshed. i've never felt this refreshed before. i could quite possibly do anything now. 

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me after six (6) glasses of water: i am a desert. never before has water passed through these lips. i was born parched and one day i will return to the dust from which i came.

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truth coming out of her well to throw hands with mankind

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truth coming out of her well to bloody deck mankind 

itd be cool if my mental health and stability wasnt wholly determined by how long it takes my friend to message me back

"you can't just drop bad takes and leave" fool what do you think this site is for

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Food discourse: the fatty part of the meat is the best.  Discuss.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 8 someone more competent pick up this mantle

I'm allergic to dogs' saliva and my dog wants nothing more in then world then to show me her love via her tongue so every time the sun crests over the horizon I am forced to renegotiate my boundaries with my dog, who is convinced that I died the night before and have miraculously returned to her the following morning 

was anybody else with undiagnosed mental illnesses as a child convinced that they were actually an alien and that at some point the other aliens would come back for them or was that just me

The sheer euphoria I feel taking control of my name is indescribable tbqh

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Im pretty sure that orders made before the strike don't count as crossing the picket line. Its only transactions made during the strike that count. So since you ordered the comic 10 months ago I think you are okay

God I hope so

Me: oh shit!!!!! Murder on the rockport limited should be coming today!!!!!!




Me: oh shit todays the Amazon strike am I crossing a picket line???????????

I dont want to have a job!!! I dont want to do work!!! I want to curl up into a ball in a rollie chair and spin around until I see god!!!!!!!!

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i don't know. a damn thing about. world of warcraft. and i never will.

The only 3 things you need to know are

1. There are orcs there

2. I'm very into that

and 3. I have a little pig and his name is Mr. Wiggles and he follows me around and I die for him

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"these are the top 10 mysteries of people that have no identity" yo how do i get on that list

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I'm at 126 followers currently, and my birthday is on August 4th so I'm thinking of maybe doing some kind of giveaway if I hit 150 before then??? Any ideas?

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your WoW account

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I'd rather die

I wish I was articulate enough to explain how important the internet can be in a young person's development while also emphasizing how dangerous it can be to have adults and children interacting on a largely unrestricted platform

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If you try to yeet me across the room, I have to tell you, I am unyeetable

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i think waterfall user @plum aka loni is super cool and i hope she's having a wonderful day! *mwah*

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I love you anon I'll have a good day for you or die tryin