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archfey asked:

ok nerd

formal apologies to mrs. bogacz my 8th grade english teacher, you were right, cyberbullying is an epidemic 

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archfey asked:

ty for always being loyal to my cause my favorite companion 


archfey asked:

why do you get online just to have bad takes only to leave again 

Cause my alignment is chaotic sleeby

archfey asked:

how are the warcrafted worlds 

Great we dragged another friend in with us and we just fuck around for hours. We're very bad at leveling. 

"How are you level 8 now??"

"I actually did quests instead of following around the player named Tuhmee"

archfey asked:

d o y o u f e a r g o d ?

no shes my wife

archfey asked:

i don't know. a damn thing about. world of warcraft. and i never will.

The only 3 things you need to know are

1. There are orcs there

2. I'm very into that

and 3. I have a little pig and his name is Mr. Wiggles and he follows me around and I die for him

archfey asked:

did you hear the news about goats

I did head the news about goats. Despite my better judgement I reblogged it because I enjoy you

archfey asked:

welcome back

thank you. I do not remember my dreams so if any of you managed to break in I am blissfully unaware

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nerd alert 

You have a giant picture of the nuka cola girl in your living room and own multiple sets of dnd dice

archfey asked:

I n f I n I t y

Put a “∞” in my ask box and I'll shuffle my playlist, and then give you my favorite lyric from the song that comes up.

Bleachers by Dizzy

in the backyard where you sink and I swim,
took me all night just to convince you to dive while you hold both my hands,
but you let me go when feet touch the surface
in the morning your hair is still damp and you're sleeping our pillows are stamped,
with a chlorine that's itching my skin,
so you let me go and feet touch the surface


archfey asked:

it's in the living room so everyone can see her glory


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archfey asked:

ok how tall r u

Between 5'4" and 5'5" aka average but I cannot reach the top shelf at work

archfey asked:

bro you have two hands (and two holes) don't you

Hey ros? Hey, hey ros? What the fuck is this ask about? Hey, Roswell?Β what the fuck did I say to warrant this?? why are you counting my orifices????? roswell??

archfey asked:

how dare you kill Shrek, my husband,

I'm sorry but I cant fuck or marry him, I'm not gonna do that to my girl fiona

archfey asked:

so proud of my frog friend πŸ˜­πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thank you!!!! I'm a level 2 frog now

archfey asked:


β€πŸ’• OwO πŸ’•β€

archfey asked:

duck newwtonnn

beacons wiki page is very good

archfey asked:

the second you hit 100 i'm unfollowing you and refollowing you so I'M the 100th

this is such a fucking power move honestly?????? cant tell if this is top energy or like PEAK bottom energy but hot damn....... gotta go lie down

archfey asked:

slytherin? i'm gryffindor....

our friendship is starcrossed..............

archfey asked:

that's just my interior decorating please don't make fun of it,,,,,,have a seat you'll love it

I'm so so afraid of that chair I dont want to sit down.... it haunts my dreamsΒ 

archfey asked:

many of those things you can do or have at the same time 

yeah I think dancing while hunting and shooting in mens outerwear is the plot of fortnite

archfey asked:

yoi SLAPS history maker??? hello????

It's a fuckin bop and peak pump up song tbh. I love this cover here