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Opportunity's "holy shit how did i get 100+ followers" art raffle!!

don't have time to make too fancy of a post rn but !!! i'm so happy youre all here!!

basic raffle rules: -must be following me, new followers are welcome -likes/repours both count but i only count 1 repour per person -i'll choose a winner after august 3rd! -if this gets more than like 50 notes i'll add a couple second place spots too!!

winner gets a chibi style drawing like this!

(second place would get a sketch in the same style)

if you would like some art and don't want to just take a chance on the raffle, my commissions are open of course ^^


thanks again for getting me past 100!! ❤❤

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Hi folx, I have an important request for yall! This is my best friend's first pride since realizing that she was bi, and she's shown interest in a lot of bi pride merch but is afraid of what her family will say if they see it. Do ya'll know of any cool under-the-radar bi merch I could send her as a surprise? She loves pokemon and Disney, so if you know of anyone who makes themed stuff I'd be doubly grateful! ❤

(Please consider boosting for me if you don't know of any, thank you!)

bigenderfenris -

okay i went digging and think i found some things that could be under-the-radar, though of course, it depends on how much her folks know... i tried finding some pokemon stuff but most of it was pretty explicitly bisexual :p

i found this shirt, that has a very vague and aesthetic bi pride flag! Walk The Moon (if she's into the band) has a similar one where instead of paint swatches, it's a sunset

i also found this bi pride bracelet which can be waved away with "oh, i just liked the colors!" + there's many similar ones on the site if she'd like something like it but not quite the same

there's also much lesser-known bi symbols (the bi triangles!) that can be used for under-the-radar pride... interlinking triangles are very bisexual >:3c

i'm happy to keep looking but that's what i've found so far! 💞 lmk if you have something else in mind for her (and happy pride!)

Aurenfaie's 100 Follower Giveaway

aurenfaie -

Hey all! I decided to do a giveaway for reaching 100 followers. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a giveaway solely from queer publishers/sellers or a more general, themeless giveaway, so I've decided to bring them together and give you the option.

I have three possible prizes, from which the winner can choose one:

  1. A 30 USD giftcard to a queer publisher of your choice (Less Than Three Press, Dreamspinner Press and its imprints, NineStar Press, Interlude Press and its imprint, or any other LGBTQ+ publisher that sells giftcards)

  2. OR, A 30 USD giftcard to an LGBTQ+ business from which I can buy a giftcard online (examples: GC2b, FLAVNT Streetwear, etc.)

  3. OR, A 25 USD giftcard to any other store from which I can buy a giftcard online (so, you tell me where I should buy the giftcard from; examples: Etsy, Amazon, etc.)

Since it's Pride, I wanted to give an advantage to picking the publishers or other queer sellers, because it's especially important to support community businesses so they can continue to stick around. However, I understand that not everyone has an interest in that, so there are other options.


  • Reblog and/or like to enter; you may do both to be entered twice, but I will not count more than one of each, so don't reblog multiple times

  • Do not tag anyone on the post unless you do not want to enter, as those notes do not show up in the note listing

  • You must be following me to enter

Giveaway will end 15 June 2019 at 11:59 pm CET and the winner will be contacted via ask. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen. [I don't foresee this being a problem at all, but I reserve the right to reject any gift card request.]

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