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About Me

Hi I'm Loni! As I said in my intro post, I'm a lawful neutral lesbian, and a luigi on the only personality test that matters. Some other important facts about me:


tldr for those who have trouble focusing on paragraphs


  • I'm 21
  • She/her pronouns
  • lah-knee
  • White, cis (ish), gray-ace lesbian
  • I have depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and adhd so I may occasionally post about mental illness things, but I always take care to tag any potentially triggering content
  • That being said, please feel free to pop me an ask if you need me to tag something that I missed.
  • Minors are welcome to follow me, but understand that I more than likely will not follow you back. On the same vein, if you didn't have your age posted and I find out you're a minor, I may unfollow you. I promise this isn't a slight against you if I do this, I'm just an adult  and its important to me to not contribute to the problems caused by platforms that allow free communication between adults and children.
  • I'm pro self-diagnosis.
  • I love frogs please tag me in all of your frog posts.
  • My specific phobias and/or triggers include dinosaurs, body horror/gore, and specific types of furry content (specifically anthro, monsteresque stuff and fantasy races are fine) so if you could include those in your tags list, I'd appreciate it!
  • I post whatever I feel like but mainly taz and mcelroy adjascent content, queer memes, and pretty aesthetic posts, with other fandom content like trc and she-ra, as well as cryptid content, sprinkled in for flavor.


Aphobes, transphobes, terfs, truscums, and racists are formally invited to go fuck themselves, far, far away from me and my blog, thanks!


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