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So like, you can declare yourself an ns/fw blog, and people who dont want to see that can just like, opt-out. Could that not just be done with vent blogs, so that people can keep their coping mechanisms and not get lumped in with discourse blogs? I understand not wanting to see negativity on a personal level, but wanting to ban it outright feels like.... a little silly and fake. Sometimes the human experience is just negative, and we should be able to blog about those parts, too.

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i don't know what show my roommate is watching but i just heard the line "i wanna do something stupid" followed by the other person saying "you wanna do something stupid then do me" and honestly that's me

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yeah I take naps

the popping up of sites like waterfall and pillowfort in response to all of tumblr's myriad of faults is the modern day equivalent to martin luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of wittenberg castle church and starting the protestant reformation

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I am your knight in shining rollerblades

I'm trying really hard to be excited about my birthday this year for a change but I've had really bad luck with birthdays since I was like 15. My last birthday my grandparents decided to come down for and know one told me about it and it ended up with my mom banning my grandfather from our house. When I was 18 I'd just broken up with my boyfriend/best friend after realizing I was gay and my two more of my best friends who were a couple had just broken up so my friend group was shattered and it was an incredibly awkward afternoon. A lot of other birthdays have been plagued with fights and drama within my family and I'm trying to be excited this year because I've kind of downplayed it in a lot of years past to try and dodge the anxiety and depression that tends to follow it, but it just feels like its looming over me. I'm anxious and I cant sleep and I'd kill for a few more months.

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Opportunity's "holy shit how did i get 100+ followers" art raffle!!

don't have time to make too fancy of a post rn but !!! i'm so happy youre all here!!

basic raffle rules: -must be following me, new followers are welcome -likes/repours both count but i only count 1 repour per person -i'll choose a winner after august 3rd! -if this gets more than like 50 notes i'll add a couple second place spots too!!

winner gets a chibi style drawing like this!

(second place would get a sketch in the same style)

if you would like some art and don't want to just take a chance on the raffle, my commissions are open of course ^^


thanks again for getting me past 100!! ❤❤

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what if instead of civilization it was just bees. what if it was just bees!!

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I've never read homestuck but it's on my stream enough that sometimes I think I've finally begun to understand what it's about and then yall post shit like this

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ya know when your eyes go out of focus and you don't bother putting them back in focus so now you're just like. there

my greatest fear is that I wont be able to run fast enough in the grocery store and someone i know will stop me to ask how im doing

physically i am 21 but emotionally i am 12 and in terms of bone strength i am 87

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not 2 be gay on main but i would dissolve under the comfortable weight of a lover

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yes hello pleaes stop telling me things

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i dont need any mor knolwedgje

formal apologies to mrs. bogacz my 8th grade english teacher, you were right, cyberbullying is an epidemic

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💚 Aromantic Spotlight - Cavetown

Are you aromantic? Do you like ukeleles? Are you just a cool person who likes good music? If so, Cavetown might be for you.

Cavetown is the stage name for Robbie Skinner, an aroace-spec trans musician. I don't really know how to describe his sound other than "peaceful" and "with a ukelele", but luckily he has plenty of music that you can listen to and make your own judgements~

You can listen to Cavetown on Youtube, on Bandcamp, and on Spotify.

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thereapist: <span data-mce-bogus="1" data-mce-type="format-caret" id="_mce_caret"> isnt real and cant hurt you</span>

<span data-mce-bogus="1" data-mce-type="format-caret" id="_mce_caret">: exists</span>